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Do I need a licensed electrician to install a ceiling fan?

Only when a new electrical junction box must be installed
Not if an electrical junction box is already installed in the correct location
Not sure
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Question: Do I need a licensed electrician to install a ceiling fan?
Top Answer (57% of 70 votes): Always.

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Answer: Always
Explanation: Depending what jurisdiction you live in you may be allowed to do your own electrical work I would never advise that same way I would never advise somebody to perform surgery on themselves most electrical equipment say right in the Box from the manufacturer to have licensed electrician install it
LVC Electric inc
Answer: Always
Explanation: Should always have a qualified licensed Electrician perform your electrical work.
Clear Electrical Solutions, LLC
Answer: Always
Explanation: License prove that the electrician knows what they are doing you can’t just buy one of these you have to take a test and pass it very important plus if the job is complex and you need to pull a permit you will not be able to pull the permit without the electrical contractors license
Kikiwatt electrical
Answer: Always
Explanation: always use a licensed contractor that way you know what your getting
Answer: Not if an electrical junction box is already installed in the correct location
Explanation: The most important thing to consider here is the support of the ceiling fan and what type of box it is going to attach to along with the required switching. A improper installation and at the least you will have a wobbling fan and the worst it can fall out entirely.
D B Electric
Answer: Always
Explanation: It is illegal for an unlicensed electrician to conduct any sort of electrical work without having a journeyman/master Electrician present on site.
I Mount TVs LLC and Electrical Services
Answer: Always
Explanation: Improper installation ,Can burn out ceiling fan, Risk of fire if improperly wired .
Advanced Electrical Solutions LLC
Answer: Always
Explanation: The State of North Carolina requires anyone that works on electrical that they are required to have an electrical license.
Seabreeze Electric
Answer: Always
Explanation: Always hire pro
Gacem Electric
Answer: Not if an electrical junction box is already installed in the correct location
Explanation: As long as the junction box can support the weight of the fan
Advanced Electrical and Energy
Answer: Always
Explanation: It will be wise to always hire an electrician to install any electrical installation. A licensed electrician who is insured and bonded will insure the safety and integrity is meet. Hiring a nonlicensed electrician can cause major fire hazards and potential death or harm because of not haven a license.
Branch Power Services
Answer: Not if an electrical junction box is already installed in the correct location
Explanation: replacing a ceiling fan can be done without an electrician as nothing will be changed in the branch circuit.
Advanced Home Automation
Answer: Always
Explanation: using unlicensed and uninsured electricians is not only illegal its also very risky if they get hurt or burn your house guess who gets the blame? The home owner so a minor cost could become a major cost
Answer: Always
Explanation: It is always a good idea to have a professional install electrical items in your home. Electricity can be quite dangerous..
Robert Herrie Electrician
Answer: Always
Explanation: Being a licensed electrician, we would always recommend using a licensed professional to work on all aspects of a home or business.
Mohrmann Electric Co.Inc.
Answer: Always
Explanation: home owners are legally and liable responsible for anything that goes wrong with the installation property and personal injury to workers in the house .
pro volt electric
Answer: Always
Explanation: For safety reasons it's best to hire a professional.
Lone Wolf Electric
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: If you are only replacing an existing fan with the proper fan support box installed you may install the fan yourself but if your not sure what to look for it is a good idea to have an electrician check it out first
William Woods electrical
Answer: Always
Explanation: I know that there are plenty of people out there that are more than capable of installing a ceiling fan on there own, but is it really worth the risk. If we are just swapping out a fan we charge $120.00. There are so many things to look for when installing a ceiling fan to make sure it is done safely.
Tom's Electrical, Inc.
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: It depends on your area. Sometimes yes, many times no. ALWAYS get references & check credentials.
La Rose Home Repair
Answer: Always
Explanation: Improper assembly and installation of a fan is dangerous. Left out parts (especially the cotter pin) mean trouble in the long run and things like this are easily overlooked by the inexperienced installer. Proper installation will withstand vibration over time
A&M Services LLC
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: This depends on local codes.
Freedom Handyman Services, Inc.
Answer: Always
Explanation: Any fixture repair or replacement requires a permit from the state which only a licenced electrician can do.
H.O. Electric
Answer: Only when a new electrical junction box must be installed
Explanation: If electrical supply is existing, a licensed electrician is not required.
Baldwin Building Improvements
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